Say goodbye to dark, blurry photos of your kids.

Get ready to take control of your camera, the light, and your surroundings for lasting, everyday memories of your children. You'll be challenged to think outside the box and look at photographing your kids from a completely different perspective. By the end of this 7-week course, you will have the tools to create a high-quality family portrait on your own!
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Don't worry, this course is still for you.

Let's be real, whether you own a nice camera not, the camera roll on your phone is likely filled with photos of your kids! This course teaches you how to take better photographs of your children using BOTH a phone and DSLR camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age should my children be if I’m purchasing this course?

    There are two lessons in this course where the content is targeted towards kids from the newborn stage – 7 years old. However, the tools learned generally transcend age groups and truly just teach you to be a better photographer.

  • Will I even have time for this?

    As a busy mom, I know your time is limited. This is why I’ve created easy-to-access video lessons that are a maximum of 15 minutes and have built in plenty of support systems to keep you motivated and on track. Between the video lesson and your practice assignment, it should take you no longer than an hour total over the course of each week. But you’re welcome to take it at your own pace if needed!

  • Do I need a fancy camera to buy this course?

    No! All lessons contain knowledge that are useful when shooting with both a phone and a DSLR camera. There are two bonus videos for DSLR users that you can skip OR download and watch later if you ever decide to upgrade to a nicer camera.

  • Do I need a certain type of DSLR camera for those segments?

    The lessons will be applicable for all DSLR brands and models! I teach you the basics of shooting in manual mode and I will tell you where the settings are likely located. However, it will be helpful to have your DSLR manual on hand to guide you to the exact location of the buttons. Although the setting locations will vary, the general usage is the same across brands and models!

  • I’m already a photographer, is this course for me?

    The content in this course was created for the everyday photographer. Some of these lessons might be review depending on your skill level, but we welcome all!

  • How much support do you offer?

    As part of your full-access course purchase, you’ll also receive access to a private Facebook group. I’m going to be hopping onto the Facebook group twice a week to provide support and feedback to help you grow. As a bonus if you’re participating on the Facebook group, I’m giving away to one winner a private FaceTime mentoring session with me each month – HUGE bonus!!

  • How long do I have access?

    You will have lifetime access to the course content! The content will live on the course landing page forever, however, I can’t make any promises on the Facebook community group. I can’t make guarantees for the Facebook community as I do not have control over the app and its functionality.

  • Do you offer a refund?

    I have worked so hard to have this course serve you in the best possible way, but I certainly understand the fear in buying something you can’t fully experience before purchase. By purchasing, you’re agreeing to a 30-day guarantee. If you complete the entire course and do all the work within 30 days and aren’t satisfied, just show me your work and I’ll be happy to refund you. As a second step, I will ask for a 20-minute live video conference to hear your feedback on how to improve as part of my refund policy. I truly want everyone to be satisfied!


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